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Steelhouse Makes Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2013 Trends Issue

Steelhouse Franchising, LLC is recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a trend to watch in franchising for 2013.

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MIAMI, FL – Having established a reputation as one of South Florida’s premier training facilities, Steelhouse Guided Fitness Systems is taking their program to the web and their facilities to the world.  In an industry saturated with one-size-fits-all programming, Steelhouse’s approach of delivering goal-specific training, R.D. developed nutrition and first-class instruction at an affordable rate landed them in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2013 Trends Issue.

For the last 5 years, Lucas and Soolmaz Irwin have been developing and fine-tuning a method that simply aims to deliver more for less.  In short, Mr. Irwin says: “In an economy where personal training is far too expensive for most and a simple gym membership lacks the guidance most individuals need, Steelhouse Fitness fills the void.”  Members can get all of the services offered by attending a Steelhouse location or registering on Steelhouse’s extensive online portal and attending their own gym.

Through a partnership with Hossein Kasmai, founder and CEO of Franchise Creator, Steelhouse launched it’s franchise operations in January of 2013, offering franchises for it’s unique concept throughout most of the United States as well as worldwide. Mr. Kasmai states: “We have done everything possible to ensure that our franchisees will be successful right from the start.  Our quality-control systems, training and partnerships with companies like Legend fitness are simply unmatched in this industry.”  Utilizing the momentum generated by Entrepreneur Magazine, Steelhouse will be looking to expand aggressively throughout the United States in an effort to make personalized fitness and nutrition more affordable.

For more information, please contact Lucas Irwin at 786.226.7196 or

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