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What’s New? June 2013

News and Updates for Steelhouse Members

Stopwatch Feature Added to Software

steelhouse stopwatch

You will notice now that all training blocks have a touch-activated timer for you to used in between each set.  The timer will be pre-loaded with the defined rest time.  Simply touch to start and touch to reset. The timer will be added to your cardio & Circuit training section shortly.  No more excuses when it comes to rest time and hopefully the addition of this feature further emphasizes how important your rest time is.  Below is a video that many of you have already seen that explains why these times are so crucial to your success.

The Hub is Live!

The Steelhouse Hub Logo

This may be the first time you have actually been on the Steelhouse Hub; so now you know where it is.  The Hub is a resource center where we will be delivering you valuable articles, videos and updates for your benefit.  The site is fee and open to anyone that wants to check it out; not just Steelhouse members.  Now that you are here, please take some time to read over some of the articles that are currently posted.

What are we working on?

Our team is working on some pretty amazing things right now.  The nutrition portion of your account is getting a complete rebuild. Here are a few of the changes:

  • Brighter and more inviting design.
  • Less cluttered display of information
  • Food images
  • Weekly meal planner
  • Printable grocery list with details.

As always, we are constantly working to improve and truly value your feedback…. so please feel free to comment below with anything you would like to see us add, change or not change.  Keep training hard!


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